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Why Join RCI?

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If you want to experience more holidays and make the most of your holiday ownership, join RCI.


You get the most choice with RCI

As the largest holiday exchange provider in the world, RCI offers you the most choice when it comes to holiday destinations and experiences. With over 4,000 affiliated resorts in around 100 countries, in addition to an ever growing number of exchange options with RCI partner brands, including James Villas, Cottage4you, Canvas holidays and more, you won’t find as much variety anywhere else.

You're in total control


The unique exchange program on offer with RCI membership allows you to holiday your way and puts you in total control of your exchange options.

Whether you join in Weeks or Points, you have the flexibility to exchange into something of a similar value to that which you own, or book something of a lesser value and receive either a deposit credit or the difference in points, to book another exchange holiday. Another unique benefit of RCI's exchange program is the ability to combine your deposits or save and borrow points to book something of a higher value to that which you own – meaning that dream holiday is merely a reality waiting to be explored.

You get more for your membership


You really do get more for your membership with RCI than anywhere else. In addition to the great exchange benefits that come with being with the world’s largest exchange provider, RCI members can also take advantage of an array of additional member benefits including:



With your RCI Membership, you’ll have access to fabulous travel opportunities with a selection of over 4,000 RCI Affiliated Resorts in approximately 100 countries worldwide.



The RCI Membership gives you great flexibility, so you’ll be able to take holidays on the dates of your choice and travel to a variety of destinations other than just your Home Resort.



Right from the start, you’ll experience the power of exchanging your week and having complete access to the available inventory.



Give holidays to family and friends so they can enjoy unforgettable memories in any of our Affiliated Resorts by issuing a Guest Certificate.



Last minute, week-long holidays starting from AU$199 / NZ$249. You will find incredible holiday opportunities at the last minute! Escape without having to use your deposited week.



Cash holidays – no deposit necessary – on 7 night getaways often for less than the cost of a hotel



Set sail and discover destinations you’ve only dreamed of. Great rates on thousands of selected cruises!


Interested in becoming a member? Call us or email us at pacific.members@rci.com