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How do I get started using the RCI app?

Step 1:

Go to either the App Store or Google Play to download the app for your device.
RCI® Apple Devices | Android Devices

Step 2:

Get StartedThe app is for everyone—so both members and non-members alike can navigate around the app. You can tap any of the tiles to explore vacation options or you can tap the hamburger menu to access other areas of the site. Note that some areas are for members only.

Step 3:

Get StartedTo sign in as a member, tap the SIGN IN button in the upper right-hand corner of the app and enter your username and password. Then choose whether you are a Weeks or Points member and tap SIGN IN. (If you aren’t sure of your membership type, you can always refer to your New Member Kit.)
Get StartedSigning in as a member will provide you access to the following:


  • My Account
  • My Offers
  • My Vacation Plans
  • Share Your Vacation


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