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How do I use Share Your Vacation?

Share Your Vacation is for RCI subscribing members and non-members alike. You can get started in a few easy steps:

Step 1:

Share your VacationTap on the hamburger menu, then tap Share Your Vacation.

Step 2:

Share your VacationYou'll have to register for access by entering an email address and password at the bottom of the page.

Step 3:

Share your VacationMake sure to accept the Terms & Conditions, then tap GET STARTED.

Step 4:

Share your VacationNext you'll be prompted to link your favorite social media sites to the Share Your Vacation App. Tap Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest or Google+ icons to begin. (Note: If you skip this step for now, you can always link accounts later. The next screen you'll see will ask you to link your Share Your Vacation account to your RCI account. Just add your credentials—the same ones you used to sign in to the RCI app—and tap SIGN IN. (If you're a non-member, you can skip this step, too.)

Step 5:

Share your VacationEnter your credentials for the social account you wish to link, then tap Authorize app. (If you choose to skip this step, you can always go back to it.)

Step 6:

Share your Vacation Link your Share Your Vacation Account to your RCI account and tap CONNECT ACCOUNT. (Again, non-members can skip this step.)

Step 7:

You'll be notified that you're agreeing to allow the device to use your geolocation and view your camera roll. Tap COMPLETE SETUP and you're all set!

No matter which social account you linked up first, once you're finished you can click the Settings icon (a little sprocket at the very top right) to link the others. Just follow the same directions as above.

You can access the Settings icon at any time to log off from Share Your Vacation as well. To sign back in, just tap the hamburger menu, tap Share Your Vacation and tap Returning user? Sign in! at the top of the page.

Share Your Vacation will search your linked social media sites, plus your own device's camera roll, and pull in all your pictures and videos into vacation albums for you to enjoy later.

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