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What are the different sections and features on the mobile app?

Upon launching the app on your device, you’ll see four main content areas;

RCI MobileFeatured Area – The main real estate of the app will showcase a Featured Experience or Destination for you to explore. For instance, tapping Experience: Adventure will lead you to articles, galleries and videos on hiking, kayaking, skiing, whitewater rafting and more. Tapping on Featured Destination: Aruba will showcase all there is to do on the Happy Island through RCI TV and Endless Vacation stories and galleries.

The other three main content areas you’ll see are:

RCI Mobile Experience – Find destinations and resorts for those who like the beach, nightlife, winter sports, spa retreats, kid-friendly getaways and more
RCI Mobile Destination – Find destinations first by region, and then by boiling down into sub-regions. For example: Mexico > Yucatán Peninsula > Cancun
RCI Mobile Explore & Discover – Provides a combination of Experience and Destination; you can access everything from here
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