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How do I find a Vacation Home for exchange on RCI.com?

Step 1: Sign in to your RCI.com account.
Step 2: Click on the Resort Directory tab. Once there, you can search for these properties in two ways:

Search for Vacation Homes only:
At the top of the search results screen you will see the option to look at all of the available Vacation Homes. Click on Home Reservations and your search results will display only available Vacation Home exchange options.

You can still narrow down your search by location, experience and date as you normally would and see if there are any available Vacation Homes that meet your criteria. You can also choose to see all available Vacation Homes regardless of destination and travel dates by clicking on the Vacation Home button before narrowing down your search results.


Search all available properties and look for the Vacation Homes icon:

If you choose to search for all available exchange options, you can identify which properties are Vacation Homes by looking for the house icon.


Note: Owners do not typically deposit all 52 weeks for exchange into the RCI® system so availability for each home will be limited.


Vacation Homes